Safety Doors


Custom design and fit Safety Doors solutions for your home.

Edies Fly Screens & Safety Doors offers a host of superior door brands, customised to an exact fit for your door-frames. The result? A safer, more secure home for you and your family.

Safety Doors Benefits

Safety Doors bring a range of benefits to your home. With custom design and fit solutions from Edies you can effectively:

•    Safeguard yourself and loved ones in your home
•    Fortify your property and belongings
•    Prevent break-ins and theft
•    Increase the value of your property
•    Enjoy fresh air breezing gently through your home
•    Rest easy that your home is bolstered by robust protection

Edies Safety Doors even exclude intruders of the insect variety. So you can enjoy your home without uninvited creepy crawlies joining in the fun.


Quality Safety Doors  Manufacturing

Materials are nine-tenths of Safety Doors Performance.

Edies security doors offer options including:

  • Stainless steel mesh: marine grade 316 pre-treated and powder coated to the highest quality available for enduring resilience and corrosion-free performance
  • Aluminium mesh and frames: the great all-rounder combining superior strength, beauty and flexibility. Enjoy unparalleled clarity of vision too.

Don’t risk paying the price for insufficient security or theft deterrence.

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